Remembering Baba
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Remembering Baba

"Rohini was barely in her teens when she lost her father and her hero, Rahul Roy. He had been a wonderful father, husband, and an upright and renowned professional in the world of finance. Yet Rohini felt she knew little about him. She spoke to relatives, friends and her father’s colleagues to rediscover the man she called ‘Baba’. The best way to remember him, she felt, would be to write about him. Piecing together the public and the personal, the facts and the memories, Rohini Roy chronicles the life of her father: from his humble roots in north Kolkata to his Welsh connection; from his days at school to the lively debater in college; from his days as an accountant to becoming the youngest president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India; and, finally, from his days as a carefree young man to a sensitive and caring individual. Along the way lie snapshots of his life that at once surprise and charm the reader. "

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Penguin Books India


15 Dec 2011



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136pp with 8pp coloured illustrations




Non-Fiction, Biography



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