Nick of Time
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Nick of Time

"Alehya is back in Chandigarh after ten years to attend her childhood friend, Shagun’s wedding. However, her plans are rudely interrupted when she finds out about the man Shagun is going to marry. Vicky, is a sorted guy who knows exactly what he wants in life. His decision of marrying Shagun has the approval of everyone who means a lot to him—everyone, except Shagun’s best friend, Alehya. Shagun is excited about getting married to Vicky. This fulfills her childhood dream of marriage. But with her best friend and future husband being childhood frenemies, will things go by without a hitch? As the wedding draws near, Shagun, Vicky and Alehya grapple with issues of love, confusion and guilt to discover what their heart truly desires. They have to make life altering decisions, in the Nick of Time, before time runs out on them and the life of their dreams!

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Penguin Books India


15 May 2012


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Fiction, Love



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