Guru Nanak
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Guru Nanak

Sub title: Puffin Lives

‘There is only one God and all are equal before him.’ The founding father of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev was born in a little village near Lahore in Pakistan in the year 1469. In an age of religious orthodoxy, hate and disharmony, Guru Nanak came to preach and convert, to blaze a new trail. Sreelata Menon traces the life and times of this spiritual master. She brings to life stories of the birth, childhood and the search for enlightenment of a little boy who, unhappy with the social conditions existing around him, sought to make a difference as he grew up. With Mardana, his best friend and companion, Guru Nanak spent twenty years and more travelling the world to spread his message of love, truth, compassion and One God. Come rain or shine, braving all odds, winning over all kinds of people and performing miracles through the power of prayer, he spread the word of God. This is the story of an extraordinary man, who was the very embodiment of the love and compassion that he preached.

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15 Nov 2011





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