On Wings of Butterflies
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On Wings of Butterflies

Author: Kavery Nambisan

Imagine a world where women can do what they please, the way they please, and men be damned! When a determined young woman in Panjim sets out to unite 'the world's largest minority', the ripples are felt in the lives of thousands across the country: crusty career women, complacent housewives, angst-ridden teenagers, and of course, men who had never conceived of a world where women ruled! Leading the battle from the front are a bunch of passionate, straight-talking women: Fierce, man-hating Lividia; politically savvy Kripa; gutsy police officer Tara; the sultry Rani of Kantipur; and their unlikely motivator: twenty-year-old Evita, scarred by childhood memories of her mother's sexual encounters and fiercely committed to the Cause. As the women come together quietly, relentlessly, from all over the country, the rest of the world can only watch in stupefied silence. Will they win their war for justice? Or will fate— and man— intervene yet again? From the best-selling author of Scent of Pepper

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Penguin Books India


5 Apr 2002





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