There's No Love on Wall Street
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There's No Love on Wall Street

Author: Ira Trivedi

Enamoured by the glamorous lives of the investment-banking hopefuls in Wellesley College, Massachusetts, pre-med student Riya Jain decides to become an investment banker. Her sole ambition is to secure an internship and, eventually, a full-time job with the prestigious Wall Street firm Goldstein Smith. There, she'd manage multi-million dollar projects, enjoy long corporate lunches and party at the hottest nightclubs in New York City. Unfortunately, reality is quite different"Riya's boss is determined to make her life hell; her unkempt colleagues fail miserably to live up to her image of I-bankers; and, as an intern, the hours are long and stressful. Having escaped the cut-throat world of investment banking, Gautam Pandey, I-banker-turned-financial-journalist, seems to be the only contented one around. Now it's Riya turn to decide where her happiness lies"within the hallowed halls of Goldstein, or in the world outside. Written with refreshing candour, There's No Love on Wall Street by Ira Trivedi lays bare the seductive world of investment banking where expense accounts always come with strings attached.

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7 Feb 2011





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