The TCS Story . . . and Beyond
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The TCS Story . . . and Beyond

In 2003, Tata Consultancy Services set itself a mission: 'Top Ten by 2010'. In 2009, a year ahead of schedule, TCS made good on that promise: in fourteen years, the company had transformed itself from the $400 million operation that S. Ramadorai inherited as CEO in 1996, to one of the world's largest IT software and services companies with more than 160,000 people working in forty-two countries, and with annual revenues of over $6 billion. The TCS story is one of modern India's great success stories. In this fascinating book, S. Ramadorai, one of the country's most respected business leaders, recounts the steps to that extraordinary success: how TCS played a pioneering role in establishing offshore development centres in India to provide high-end solutions to global corporations; how it spearheaded Indian industry through the IT boom, using the Y2K challenge to its advantage; and how it successfully expanded and scaled its operations worldwide, while simultaneously going public with India's biggest-ever IPO in 2004. The inside story of one of India's premier corporate institutions, this is also in part a history of the rapidly developing IT software and services industry in India, told from the perspective of an industry leader. Behind the phenomenon called TCS lies a quest for excellence and an attention to detail— captured in the company's motto 'Experience Certainty'— that can benefit any organization. There is a great deal to be learnt from the TCS example, and Ramadorai outlines a vision for the future where the quality initiatives he undertook can be applied to a larger national framework. This is a book that every Indian who is committed to building a better and more productive future must read.

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This is not a retired executive's self-congratulatory autobiography based on selective amnesia. Rather, this is [a book] about a remarkable company that has been led by a remarkable team of executives who learned from their achievements and failures— so that success accelerated over time. Far more than an interesting story, this is a blueprint for how to build a successful company.'— Clayton Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School.

' This is a study of what it takes to build a great company. Ram highlights the leadership grit and teamwork that propelled TCS to the top of its field. By sharing his personal challenges and successes, Ram demonstrates that the very best people will always deliver.'— Dave Calhoun, Chief Executive Officer, Nielsen

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The TCS Story… and Beyond
S. Ramadorai

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15 Sep 2011





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