Tales from the Bench and the Bar
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Tales from the Bench and the Bar

Author: V.J. Taraporevala

"Drawing on senior advocate Vicaji Taraporewala’s sixty-two years of practice in the Bombay High Court, this book is a brilliant compilation of stories, anecdotes and incidents—based not only on the author’s great variety of experiences, but also on some extremely interesting accounts narrated by senior lawyers and some rare writings by legal luminaries. These are stories of men of courage and independent thought, of their sharp wit and humour, of legendary lawyers of yore who did not take themselves or life too seriously but did the right thing fearlessly, and who, under all circumstances, upheld the cherished principle of justice. Some of the incidents also highlight the role of destiny in our lives, or why chance favours the prepared mind, and how persistence and the will to adapt to the vicissitudes of life are qualities we need to imbibe from the precedents set by some of India’s finest legal minds. This delightful insider’s account of life on the Bench and Bar brings forth the refreshingly light moments that liven the often stern and forbidding proceedings in our courts. A wonderful read, of course, for people donning the black coat, but equally engaging for everyone."

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15 Jan 2010



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