Shoot the Crow
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Shoot the Crow

Sub title: Bollywood Knights (Book 2)

Author: Nico Raposo

"She had a pang of guilt as she walked to the door. She had told only one person what she was doing, and even then not the whole truth. She certainly hadn’t mentioned the gun. The reality was that she might well never see anyone from this life again. Teen detectives Raj, Nagi and Madhuri are drawn into a web of deceit when Ameeta Soares, a rising Bollywood star, disappears from her swank Malabar Hill apartment. When the missing actress is accused of a brutal murder, the trio must plumb the depths of Mumbai’s underworld in a desperate attempt to track her down. Along the way, they play a dangerous game and end up in the sights of a cold-blooded killer. Who is the Crow, determined to eliminate Ameeta? And whose is the shadowy hand directing the Crow’s every move? The Bollywood Knights embark on a roller-coaster ride which takes them from the glamorous hangouts of Bollywood stars to seedy back-alley dance bars till the final, heart-stopping showdown. "

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Penguin Books India


15 Nov 2011



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