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Remote Control

Sub title: Indian Television in the New Millennium

Author: Shoma Munshi

What do the TV shows we’re watching tell us about ourselves?

Television is the single most powerful and dynamic agent of change in India today. It is also the country’s most popular and accessible form of entertainment. Remote Control examines three kinds of programming—24x7 news, soap operas and reality shows—that have changed Indian television forever, and analyzes how these three genres, while drawing on different sources, are hybridized, indigenized and manage to ultimately project a distinctively Indian identity.

Shoma Munshi’s book shows us how everyday reality in India in the twenty-first century shapes television; and how television, in turn, shapes us.

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‘At last, an analytical book on Indian television—its content, its production, viewership, its role and impact on society, its evolution and changing character . . . As a market strategist, deprived of accessible social science writing on subjects of direct relevance to me, this book gave me a lot of insight into the life of mainstream Indians and plenty of food for thought.’—Rama Bijapurkar

‘Shoma’s book captures the rapidly changing pace in the Indian television domain. Big plots, subtle changes, new scripts, stolen ideas, factual updates, dreams and disrupted plans—all neatly explained..’—Sunil Lulla, MD  & CEO, Times Television Network

‘The growth and impact of television in India, strangely, hasn’t got the academic attention that it deserves.  Shoma’s book is a refreshing attempt in that direction.  It is well researched and insightful. She has an insider’s sensitivity and an academic’s objectivity.’ —Uday Shankar, Chief Executive Officer, STAR India 

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Penguin Books India


20 Jan 2013





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