Puffin Book of Classic School Stories
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Puffin Book of Classic School Stories

Author: Ruskin Bond

A collection of all-time favourite school stories Meet the world's naughtiest boys and girls, the best and the worst students and some really famous children in this book as they make their way through school. Read about David Copperfield and his friendship with Steerforth, Tom Brown trying to find his feet in Rugby school, and Jane Eyre fighting poverty and disease in a school for orphans. Not to forget those other irrepressible and immortal boys, Richmal Crompton's William Brown, Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer, RK Nararyan's Swami and Ruskin Bond's Rusty. Also included are stories from such classics as Anne of Avonlea, Little Men, Stalky and Co., and To Sir, With Love. By turns hilarious and heartwarming, these classic tales are about growing up and the time spent in that one place which is so beloved to some and so hated by others"school.

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Penguin Books India


17 May 2006





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