The Professional Companion
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The Professional Companion

Sub title: How to Make the Best of Your Workplace Skills

Author: Subroto Bagchi

In The Professional, one of the biggest-selling business books ever to come out of India, Subroto Bagchi asked the key question: What does it mean to be a professional? He outlined a few characteristics that mark a thorough professional, and showed how one can behave professionally—or otherwise—in diverse situations, in and out of the workplace.
Inspired by the lessons learnt from that game-changing book, many an aspiring professional has been wanting to test his/her mettle using Bagchi’s tools. The Professional Companion fulfils exactly that need.
In this do-it-yourself workbook that is meant as a companion volume to The Professional, Bagchi takes you through simple exercises that allow you to understand how professional your approach is in a given context, and helps you develop a wider skill set and a more committed outlook.
Full of real-life challenges and insightful information, The Professional Companion is your very own personalized guide to excelling in today’s world.

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‘Moving and deeply empathetic’—Ramachandra Guha ‘I can think of many “captains of industry” who would benefit from a quick reading’—Outlook ‘Simple, straightforward, engaging, gripping’—Hindu Business Line

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Penguin Books India


26 Dec 2012





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Non-Fiction, Business





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