Pran Nevile
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Pran Nevile

Pran Nevile was born in Lahore and took his postgraduate degree from there. After a distinguished career in the Indian Foreign Service and the United Nations, he turned a freelance writer and has specialized in the study of social and cultural history of India. Lahore: A Sentimental Journey is his first full-length literary work. He has written extensively on Indian art and culture and also acted as a consultant for two BBC films on the Raj. He is the author of Love Stories from the Raj, Nautch Girls of India, Beyond the Veil, Rare Glimpses of the Raj, Stories from the Raj: Sahibs, Memsahibs and Others, and K.L. Saigal: Immortal Singer.

Books by Pran Nevile

Hailed as shahenshah-e-mausiqi (emperor of music) ...

K. L. Saigal
Pran Nevile

-The life and times of the nautch girl evoked by N...

Nautch Girls of the Raj
Pran Nevile

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