The Portrait of a Lady
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The Portrait of a Lady

Sub title: Collected Stories

Author: Khushwant Singh

-A Khushwant Singh short story is not flamboyant but modest, restrained, well-crafted-Perhaps his greatest gift as a writer is a wonderful particularity of description'"London Magazine Khushwant Singh first established his reputation as a writer through the short story. His stories"wry, poignant, erotic and, above all, human"bear testimony to Khushwant Singh's remarkable range and his ability to create an unforgettable world. Spanning over half a century, this volume contains all the short stories Khushwant Singh has ever written, including the delightfully tongue-in-cheek -The Maharani of Chootiapuram', written in 2008. -Khushwant's stories enthrall-[He has]an ability akin to that of Somerset Maugham-the ability to entertain intelligently'"India Today -His stories are better than [those of] any Indian writing in English"Times of India -The Collected Short Stories leaves the reader in a delightful, inebriated trance'"Sunday Chronicle -He is not an ordinary short story writer-[Collected Stories] is delightful reading'"Hindustan Times

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Penguin Books India


1 Feb 2009





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Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories



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