Penguin Books India launches e-Singles!

Jun 2013

You don’t always need an 8-course meal
(sometimes, all you need is a byte)
Penguin Books is delighted to announce the launch of e-singles in India
Almost 80 years ago, our founder Allen Lane set up Penguin Books with the dream of providing high quality, affordable reading material to the masses. Today, we are taking another bold and innovative step into a direction that will ensure that our readers, so often short of time, will never be short of reading material that enriches and entertains them.
Penguin India is delighted to announce the launch of our path-breaking and innovative e-singles catalogue for our readers. Penguin e-singles are our endeavour to bring excellent short pieces of literature to an audience with an ever increasing predilection to spend time on their personal digital devices.
e-singles are Penguin’s short, digital-only reads meant for people who, while sometimes short on time, are fond of reading and would like to catch up with their favourite authors in convenient, byte-sized stories which can be easily completed in the course of a daily commute or in a lunch-hour.
We will begin by providing 47 much loved e-singles and continue to expand our catalogue to include poetry, short non-fiction, plays and of course, more fiction so that our readers can read on the go, get the best of Penguin in a format that is both affordable and super-convenient. Bite sized electronic content. For less than the cost of a coffee.
Availability: These e-singles titles would be available for purchase through Flipkart and Google Books at Rs. 25/- per story.
For more information, please feel free to write to vaarunya.bhalla@in.penguingroup.com