The One Above
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The One Above

Sub title: What if God Was Your Neighbour

"Nothing is more important than being happy and this is true irrespective of how successful you are or how much you possess. The One Above tells you how to infuse passion and energy into everyday activities—at work and at home—by understanding and accepting the meaning of ‘happiness’ and ‘suffering’. The book presents practical ways of being happy by dispelling common beliefs about unhappiness and pain, and provides insights into the real causes of suffering. This book explains how a happy, natural state paves the way for everything you desire in life—with, of course, a little help from ‘the one above’. As the author, Sirshree, observes, ‘There is no way to happiness; happiness itself is the way.’"

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‘Through his books, discourses and retreats, Sirshree reveals in his inimitable style how happiness is directly related to understanding the true nature of reality and the basic purpose of human life’—Vijay Bhatkar, Ph.D, scientist and innovator

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25 Oct 2010



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