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Sub title: How India Got Back on the Global Business Map

Author: Gaurav Rastogi, Basab Pradhan

"BPOs and call centres are the workplace of choice for more than 2 million young Indians today. The mushrooming rise of innumerable BPOs in India is a reflection of the phenomenal success of the offshore delivery model worldwide. The Indian IT services industry alone is worth over $70 billion today and contributes to more than 5 per cent of the country’s GDP. Offshoring is part of a global phenomenon, where people work for clients in other countries who they’ve never met, without ever having to travel out of their own city. The offshore delivery model—which has created a global workforce working around the clock in different parts of the world to reach productivity and efficiency standards that could not be dreamt of earlier—has effectively put India back on the international business map. Yet few people understand what the offshore services business actually involves, and what makes an offshore services company tick. This book, authored by industry insiders Gaurav Rastogi and Basab Pradhan, reveals the inner workings of the business, with fascinating stories and anecdotes. As they explain the workings of the offshore services model worldwide, paying particular attention to the industry’s development in India, the authors demystify much of the jargon associated with offshoring, and bust a few popular myths. "

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17 Jan 2012





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Non-Fiction, Business



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