Nose Uncle
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Nose Uncle

Author: Jaspar Utley

The silence of the night was shattered by a series of screams — a white figure, almost six feet tall, appeared out of nowhere, screaming at the top of its voice and flailing its arms — When Nisha and Ram are sent off to spend their holiday with Nose Uncle at his farm, they are not too happy. After all, Nose Uncle is old, and he is an archaeologist, so how much fun would they have? The brother and sister were never more wrong. Because when Nose Uncle is around, there's not a dull moment. Using his magnificent nose which resembles the prow of a mighty battleship, Uncle can sniff out both ancient ruins and modern criminals. While digging in a field, looking for signs of an ancient Roman port, Uncle and his young assistants are hurled into a series of mystifying and extraordinarily dangerous adventures. Is Professor Andre Rigolet, of the Free University of Central Quebec, really what he claims to be? Why is he in danger? Who are the shadowy people digging in the dark night near their archeological dig? Then the children are kidnapped by a ruthless gang of smugglers, and it is up to Nose Uncle and his faithful ally, his nose, to get answers to these intriguing questions, solve the mystery and rescue the children. A racy adventure story, Nose Uncle marks the exciting debut of a delightful, eccentric detective.

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Penguin Books India


1 Feb 2009





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