Non-Stop India
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Non-Stop India

Author: Mark Tully

"Today, India is likely to become one of the major economies of the twenty-first century. But many unresolved questions remain about the sustainability of such growth and its effect on the stability of the nation. Veteran journalist Mark Tully draws on thirty years of reporting India and travels the length and breadth of the country to find the answers. Have the changes had any impact on the poor and marginalised? How can the development of the country’s creaking infrastructure be speeded up to match its huge advances in technology and industry? With a gift for finding the human stories behind the headlines, he looks at the pressing concerns in different areas of life such as governance, business, spirituality and ecology. In revealing interviews with captains of industry and subsistence farmers, politicians and Dalits, spiritual leaders and bandits, Mark Tully captures the voices of the nation. From the survival of India’s languages and the protection of wildlife, to the nation’s thriving industries and colourful public affairs, Non-Stop India is a testament to India’s vibrant history and incredible potential, offering an unforgettable portrait of this emerging superpower at a pivotal moment of its history. "

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"PRAISE FOR NO FULL STOPS IN INDIA: ‘An unsentimental tribute to India by its best-loved Englishman’—Sunday Telegraph.

‘Wonderful . . . whether describing a village wedding or a 15-million strong religious festival he’s a brilliant reporter’—Mail on Sunday ‘The ten essays, written with clarity, warmth of feeling and critical balance and understanding, provide as lively a view as one can hope from the panorama of India’—Financial Times PRAISE FOR THE HEART OF INDIA:

In everything he writes, Tully’s sympathy for and knowledge of India shines through . . . He is, indeed, incomparable among foreign observers of that bewildering, maddening, utterly enchanting medley of peoples’—Guardian

‘A luminous, heartfelt and deeply perceptive collection of tales’—Spectator PRAISE FOR INDIA IN SLOW MOTION: ‘Mark and Gillian . . . know the country like the back of their hand and if they pull us up because of red-tape, corruption and indolence, carelessness and ‘chalta hai’ attitude they should be taken seriously. The judgment is not from a passing-by Western couple but from one that has became ingrained in the Indian milieu’—The Hindu "

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15 Oct 2011


Allen Lane



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