MBA at 16
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MBA at 16

Sub title: A Teenager's Guide to Business

Author: Subroto Bagchi

You are 16, going on 17.
Steve Jobs was all of sixteen when he met Stephen Wozniak. What resulted was Apple.
When Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford, they were in their early twenties. They were soon to start Google.
Today’s teenagers are our smartest generation yet. They are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, investors, managers, policy makers, watchdogs and of course, consumers. But do you know what the corporate and business world is all about? How do businesses touch everyone’s lives? What really makes an entrepreneur tick? How does the engine of a company run? Who is a social entrepreneur?
And why do we need the world of business—is business good or bad for us?
If you are curious, come join Subroto Bagchi and a group of smart teenagers on their exciting voyage of discovery, and in the process, get yourself a teen MBA!

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15 Apr 2012



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