A Life in Words
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A Life in Words

Sub title: Memoirs

Author: Ismat Chughtai

Translated By: M. Asaduddin

A Life in Words, the first complete translation of Ismat Chughtai’s celebrated memoir Kaghazi hai Pairahan, provides a delightful account of several crucial years of her life. Alongside vivid descriptions of her childhood years are the conflicted experiences of growing up in a large Muslim family during the early decades of the twentieth century.
Chughtai is searingly honest about her fight to get an education and the struggle to find her own voice as a writer. The result is a compellingly readable memoir by one of the most significant Urdu writers of all time.

Book Reviews

• ‘Erudite, self-aware and always probing’—Time Out
• ‘She spearheaded a literary revolution’—The Hindu
• ‘Translator M Asaduddin has . . . done a remarkable job, catching all the nuances of Chughtai’s luscious prose and extraordinary wit. This is a book for all to read and enjoy’—Hindustan Times
• ‘Ismat Chughtai’s candid words continue to be contemporary and cutting edge’—The Hindu
• ‘Asaduddin’s work is top-of-the-shelf stuff . . . it transports you to the world of the original . . . If you have not read Chughtai before, this will whet your appetite’—Outlook

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A Life in Words
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Penguin Books India


20 Mar 2013





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