The Last Victory
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The Last Victory

Sub title: The Imperial Agent II

Author: Timeri N. Murari

It is October 1910 and the lovers Kim and Parvati are fleeing across India, escaping forces beyond their control. They know that great changes are afoot"the Mahatma's ideas are gaining ground and the Indian National Congress is about to change remarkably with the entrance of Jawaharlal Nehru. Ahead lie turbulent times that will reveal the ruthlessness of the Empire and give rise to the promise of independence. Kim and Parvati's lives criss-cross those of many known and unknown Indians who believe in the Indian nation, and they too are swept into the very centre of the struggle for independence, where they must confront their terrifying tormentors. Taking off from The Imperial Agent, where Timeri Murari masterfully recreated Kipling's free-spirited and idealistic hero, Kimball O'Hara, The Last Victory is a thrilling account of Kim's life"from the uncertainty of youth to an illuminating maturity mirrored only by the brilliance of a new India.

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15 Mar 2010





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