India Unlimited
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India Unlimited

Sub title: A Corporate Journey

Author: Sharmila Kantha

A fascinating visual account of Indian enterprise and business, India Unlimited: A Corporate Journey traces the exciting evolution of Indian business from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization, focusing in particular on the transformations since the advent of liberalization. British rule introduced new forms of entrepreneurship and intrepid Indian entrepreneurs established new companies, challenging British conglomerates. The mixed-economy model after Independence laid equal emphasis on public, private and small sectors. Corporate India seized the initiative to emerge as an essential partner in develoent. Family businesses, public sector enterprises, new entrepreneurs and small scale enterprises flourished across the country. Economic reforms in 1991 led to a new phase in the growth of corporate India. Successfully restructuring to address the challenges of globalization, India Inc. pushed ahead in all sectors, becoming a powerhouse in the global economy. Economic growth has led to an explosion in the linkages of corporate India with rural India, with small entrepreneurs and with the world. Today, inclusive growth is a partnership between the government and corporate India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs with its affiliated bodies plays a key role as facilitator, enabler and regulator. Through enduring images and lucid prose, this book portrays the dynamism of the Indian corporate sector today and presents the multi-dimensional facets of Indian entrepreneurship.

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11 Jan 2011



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