India Becoming
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India Becoming

Sub title: A Journey through a Changing Landscape

Author: Akash Kapur

India has changed dramatically in recent years, but what does all this change mean for he lives of ordinary Indians? In this gripping and often moving book, Akash Kapur follows a handful of men and women as they confront the ups and downs of life in modern India.

Unlike most contemporary accounts of the country, India Becoming is not focused on the big cities of the North, but on the villages and small towns of South India. We meet farmers struggling with the decline of agriculture, once-sleepy villages that are turning into boom towns, and men and women coming to terms with the gradual disappearance of an ancient way of life.
Kapur himself grew up and now lives in the countryside outside Pondicherry. India Becoming is the result of his effort to understand the changing landscape of India, transformed by rapid economic growth, which he first encountered on his return to India from the United States in 2003. He writes about that transition with an intimacy and sensitivity rarely encountered in contemporary accounts of India.

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Book Reviews

• ‘Akash Kapur lives in and writes out of an India that few writers venture into’—Pankaj Mishra

• ‘In his clarity, sympathy and impeccably sculpted prose, Kapur often summons the spirit of V.S. Naipaul’—Pico Iyer, Time

• ‘Kapur is especially qualified to assess the contrasts and contradictions that change has brought’ —The New York Times Book Review

• ‘Acutely observed and crammed with well-drawn characters’—The Economist

• ‘A remarkably absorbing account of an India in transition’—Amartya Sen

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India has changed dramatically in recent years, bu...

India Becoming
Akash Kapur

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20 Oct 2012





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