I Keep Vigil of Rudra
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I Keep Vigil of Rudra

Sub title: The Vachanas

Translated By: H.S. Shivaprakash

"One of the only collections of Vachana poetry in translation—a must read for all poetry lovers ""Here I come, a ferryman without a body To the great flowing river. If you pay the price– Your mind That grasps and lets go, I shall take you across” Vachana poetry in Kannada literature attained its zenith in the twelfth century. Passionate, intensely personal, and ahead of their times, these free-verse poems speak eloquently of the futility of formal learning, the vanity of wealth and the evils of social divisions. The vachanas stress on the worship of Shiva, through love, labour and devotion, as the only worthwhile life-goal for the vachanakara—the vachana poet. This collection offers a selection of vachanas composed by a wide range of vachanakaras from different walks of life writing during that period. While some of these poets are well known even today, most have been forgotten. Translated fluidly and with great skill by H.S. Shivaprakash, I Keep Vigil of Rudra is not only an important addition to Vachana literature, but also a must read for lovers of poetry everywhere."

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6 Sep 2010



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