The Habit of Winning
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The Habit of Winning

Author: Prakash Iyer

"Do you feel like throwing in the towel, but want to be a great leader? Would you like to build an organization? Do you want your child to be the best she can be? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Habit of Winning is the book for you. It is a book that will change the way you think, work and live, with stories about self-belief and perseverance, leadership and teamwork—stories that will ignite a new passion and a renewed sense of purpose in your mind. The stories in The Habit of Winning range from cola wars to cricketing heroes, from Michelle Obama’s management techniques to Mahatma Gandhi’s generosity. There are life lessons from frogs and rabbits, sharks and butterflies, kites and balloons. Together they create a heady mix that will make the winner inside you emerge and grow."

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Wow! This book is loaded with great ideas, stories and inspiration to help you be more positive, focused and successful in every area of your life-Brian Tracy, author of No Excuses!: The Power of Self-discipline.

All cultures have the tradition of passing on wisdom from one generation to the next through stories. Prakash uses this age-old method to beautifully convey how to lead one's life to be happy and effective- Samir K. Barua, Director, IIM Ahmedabad

A must-read for every young manager!-P.M. Sinha, former CEO, PepsiCola Bottling International, South Asia.

After being long imprisoned by an outstanding manager, an excellent writer breaks through . . . He has something that will plant seeds in your mind. Read it, follow what he has to say and those seeds will blossom into fine oaks. You will cherish this offering-Harsha Bhogle

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15 Apr 2011





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