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Author: Sudhir Kakar

The body will go...but remember, the soul will eternally cry delight.' Dying, Gopal, or Ram Das Baba to his devotees, leaves his disciple and closest companion with the essence of his spiritual knowledge. It is the ultimate truth that a lifetime of seeking has revealed to him, made him a Paramahamsa, the most highly evolved of all sadhus. Ecstasy is a story about the making of a mystic and his astonishing experiences on the spiritual path in an age that dismisses divine visions as hallucinations, and the desire for a union with God as a symptom of mental illness. It is also the story of the rare relationship between two very different men brought together by a fateful meeting. The older man, steeped in the mystical mood of complete surrender and devotion, becomes the unlikely guru of the younger, who has grown up on a diet of Western rationalism and the belief that man is the master of his own fate. The guru opens for his disciple a window to the soul, and in the process triggers a difficult private battle— between reason and emotion, faith and logic; the spirit of submission that is the hallmark of bhakti and the militancy of religious pride. Sudhir Kakar, the best-selling author of The Ascetic of Desire, a novel about sex and sexuality, has written a richly layered and revelatory book about the other great theme of humankind: religion.

Book Reviews

(Sudhir Kakar is) an elegant stylist.'— New York Times Book Review.

'Fascinating reading...Sudhir Kakar has reconstructed (Vatsyayana's) life and times with the consummate skill of a master-craftsman using psychoanalytic techniques, imagination and felicitous prose.'— Khushwant Singh, The Tribune.

'The world of Vatsyayana reverberates...vividly with excitement...Sudhir Kakar has written a sensual work that is alive with historical detail and provocative ideas about the world's most fascinating subject.'— New York Times Book.

Review 'A lushly sensual and thoughtful debut novel...Kakar offers a tantalizing view of how sex is constructed, dreamed, subdued and performed in culturally specific contexts and through history, rich folklore and marvellous parables. It's an impassioned and unusual tale dense with scintillating details and sexual philosophy.'— Publisher's Weekly.

'''Kakar'''s style is easy on the mind'''s eye and .... his recearch cannot be faulted.'''— India Today.

'''Sudhir Kakar'''s novel has an elegant and classical pace to it.'''— Gentleman.

'''Sudhir Kakar'''s new novel puts the antique Hindu mind on the couch.'''— India Today , New Delhi.

'''Kakar'''s style is easy on the mind'''s eye and.... his recearch cannot be faulted.'''— India Today.

'''Sudhir Kakar'''s novel has an elegant and classical pace to it.'''— Gentleman, Mumbai

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Penguin Books India


3 Jun 2002





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