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Sub title: The Incredible Adventures of Robin -Einstein Varghese

Author: Sidin Vadukut

In April 2006 Robin -Einstein' Varghese, a stupendously naïve but academically gifted young man (he was ranked 41st in his class), graduates from one of India's best business schools with a Day-Zero job at the Mumbai office of Dufresne Partners, a mediocre mid-market management consulting firm largely run by complete morons. Varghese finds that he fits into the culture remarkably well. Or does he? Through a stunning series of blunders, mishaps and inadvertent errors, Robin begins to make his superiors rue the day they were driven by desperation into hiring him. With things going spectacularly wrong in his professional and personal life, will Robin manage to achieve his short-term goal of being promoted to Associate in under a year? Will love conquer all and will Gouri walk with him through Dadar Department Stores with her hand in the rear pocket of his jeans? Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin -Einstein' Varghese is for all of those who've ever sat depressed in cubicles…and wanted to kill themselves with office stationery. Especially that letter opener thing. Join Robin as he navigates his first insane year at Dufresne Partners in this first volume of the Dork trilogy. Praise for the book: -A stunning new voice in Indian literature! In Dork Vadukut has written the book I've always wanted to write' – William Dalrymple's biggest fan's youngest sister. -I love this book. I love its voice. I love the author. He's like a delicate crème brulee' – Padma Laxmi's ex-husband's hairdresser. -I read this book and instantly knew that Robin Varghese is the role of a lifetime. Inshallah I will be a part of the movie when it's made'" Shah Rukh Khan's dentist's accountant.

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.....Nothing else skewers corporate India's assorted sillinesses so accurately. Or so funnily-Outlook. ............

hysterically funny....... It takes talent to sustain farce of this quality and remarkably, the humour stays gentle. One looks forward to the next instalment in the life of REV-Hindustan Times.

.....Dork is a witty, funny read with a flair for the absurd and ludicrous. And Vadukut is easily one of the best blog authors whose book is true to the character of the blog. Vadukut's wit is elegant, prose is pithy, irony is buffed, skepticism is healthy and observations are intuitive . . . A laughathon this book is-Deccan Chronicle

.....Simply put, Dork is a hilarious book . . . [Sidin Vadukut] has a way with words-getting people to laugh while reading is a hard act and Vadukut manages quite this quite well . . . One word of caution: read this book on a train or plane or in public at your own peril, you may start laughing and other people watching you may think you are mad or Einstein?-Sify.com .....It's Adrian Mole meets Wimpy Kid, but as a Malayali in a Mumbai office. Funny!-Indian Express.

.....Dork is a light, quick read and should appeal to MBAs and non-MBAs alike-DNA .....The story is seriously funny and has been structured well to keep the momentum of absolute wackiness that is Einstein's life going . . . it is a book that you will laugh through regardless of who you are and what background you come from-First City Rating ***** .....A delightful read-JAM Magazine 'A must-read if you haven't already got your hands on a copy!-Ritz Magazine .....An amusing and engaging read-BTW

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30 Jan 2010





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