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Sub title: Adventures in a Megacity

Author: Sam Miller

"‘A book that is . . . as eccentric and anarchic as its subject’—William Dalrymple In this extraordinary portrait of one of the world’s largest cities, Sam Miller sets out to discover the real Delhi, a city he describes as being ‘India’s dreamtown— and its purgatory’. He treads the city’s streets, including its less celebrated destinations—Nehru Place, Pitampura and Gurgaon—places most writers ignore. His encounters with Delhi’s people, from ragpickers to members of the Police Brass Band, create a richly entertaining portrait of what the city is and what it is becoming. Miller is, like so many of the people he meets, a migrant in one of the world’s fastest growing megapolises and the Delhi he depicts is one whose future concerns us all. Miller possesses an intense curiosity; he has an infallible eye for life’s diversities, for all the marvellous and sublime moments that illuminate people’s lives. This is a generous, original, humorous portrait of a great city; one which unerringly locates the humanity beneath the mundane, the unsung and the unfamiliar."

Book Reviews

Sam Miller brings alive a lost city with passion and knowledge. For anyone who has even had a fleeting relationship with India’s national capital, this is a must read . . .—Rajdeep Sardesai.

I have lived in Delhi for forty years and always wanted to read a book which I feel encompasses the whole of my city. Here it is. . . .[It] is a wonderful read, but it’s also a must for anyone concerned about the future of India and indeed democracy’s future. —Mark Tully.

‘Sam Miller’s book makes fascinating reading because he sets out to discover Delhi in a manner that brings out both its indelible past and its pulsating present. Miller writes with . . . effervescence and is often irrepressibly funny’—Pavan Varma.

‘A combination of Richard Sennett and Mr Bean, he is also in the tradition of the mad dogs and Englishmen who go out in the midday sun.’—Narayani Gupta.

‘Miller’s Delhi is the liveliest of city travelogues, a beguiling introduction to the Indian capital, and an irresistible read for even the faintly curious’—John Keay. ‘a delightful narrative . . . an exciting read’—Deccan Herald.

‘The tone is of an insider . . . [the] humour is understated, self deprecatory, and very humane’—Financial Express.

‘Miller is clearly in love with his city . . . [he] always draws your attention to rare pleasures’—Outlook Traveller ‘Miller makes laser-sharp observations of the city’s architecture and inhabitants, talking to everyone from university professors to rag pickers’—Lonely Planet Magazine.

‘[a] dizzying, droll travelogue . . . his tales of urban wandering form a valuable archive of a rapidly transforming city’—Guardian ‘His meander along the highways, markets and alleyways of one of the biggest cities in the world is a faithful chronicle of contemporary Indian society and the imprint that centuries of change have left on the country’—New Statesman

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Penguin Books India


25 Oct 2010





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