Celebrating the 25th Edition of Pinki Virani’s ‘Bitter Chocolate’

Oct 2013

Penguin Books India
is pleased to announce that

Bitter Chocolate
Child Sexual Abuse in India

by Pinki Virani
now joins the league of select non-fiction books by Indian Authors to be
released in 25 successive editions

A book that challenges our notions of family honour and morality marks a non-fiction publishing milestone in India. Shattering the conspiracy of silence around Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in Indian homes, the path-breaking 'Bitter Chocolate' is the first book of its kind in India and its subcontinent. The book gives the sexually abused child a powerful voice. It is the only book till date to research and cover middle and upper-class families, as also both, girls and hitherto un-researched boy-children.
The fresh release of this 25th edition has especially updated contents and a new cover. A special chapter addresses adults who have never before disclosed their sexual abuse as children and outlines an "exit cycle" on how to conquer by going beyond being victims and survivors.
'Bitter Chocolate' researched and revealed the shocking statistics of child sexual abuse - one in every four boys and one in three girls below the age of 18; 50 percent of whose abusers are adults in position of their trust including at home. In turning such a distinctly intense spotlight, 'Bitter Chocolate' succeeded in effectively generating the use of this subject on tv news & talk shows, drama-plays and feature films to highlight the evil.
 The book has earned its best-selling author Pinki Virani international plaudit for being the first in the Indian subcontinent to courageously speak up as a victim of incest and rape. She has been presented with a National Award by the Government of India.
Accessible yet comprehensive, Bitter Chocolate is written for the young parent and guardian, principal and teacher, judge and police, lawyer and public prosecutor, teenager and tomorrow's citizen.
This "silver jubilee" edition is being marked with a re-release in both, the Indian and international markets—the latter as an e-book
About the author:
Born on January 30, 1959, in a Dongri-chawl (ghetto-ised area in one of south Bombay’s seven original islands), Pinki Virani began working as a typist at the age  of 18. Working her way in journalism from reporter to editor, she is now an Author with four best-selling books -- 'Aruna's Story', 'Once Was Bombay', 'Bitter Chocolate', 'Deaf Heaven' --  a body of work which gives voice to individuals who have none.
Her sustained crusading since 2000 has assisted in India’s Parliament passing a Law against sexual abuse of children [The Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act, POCSO 2012].
The Law includes four of her suggestions to the Standing Committee, it also encompasses several suggestions from her book ‘Bitter Chocolate: Child Sexual Abuse in India’. The book has also been quoted by the Madras High Court.
In March 2011, the Supreme Court of India, passed a historic judgement permitting Passive Euthanasia in the country. This followed Pinki Virani’s plea to the highest court in December 2009. She is counted as among the first nationally, and internationally, successful Author-Activists from the city of Bombay (Mumbaii) and Maharashtra state.
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