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Author: Amit Chaudhuri

A masterpiece, one of the great books written about an unforgettable metropolis!
In 1999, Amit Chaudhuri returned with his family to Calcutta. He did so tentatively. Calcutta was where his parents had moved after retirement; it was the city he had loved in his youth and in whose lanes he had spent tranquil childhood holidays; one he had made his name writing about. But that Calcutta had receded and another had taken its place.
Calcutta is Chaudhuri’s account of two years (200911) in the great metropolis. Using the idea of return and the historical elections of 2011 as his fulcrum, he travels between the nineteenth century, when the city burst with a new vitality, to the twenty-first century, when, utterly changed, it seems to be on the verge of another turn. 
Along the way Chaudhuri evokes all that is most particular and extraordinary about the city—from its houses with their slatted windows to its effervescent cultural life, its change of season, and its Christmas and pujas. He paints, too, an acute, often ironic, and occasionally terribly funny picture of life in the city today—of its malls and restaurants, its fitful attempts to embrace globalisation, its middle class who leave and then return reluctantly, its bygone aristocracy, and its homeless and poor itinerants. 

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‘Amit Chaudhuri has, like Proust, perfected the art of the moment . . . [he] is a miniaturist, for whom tiny moments become radiant, and for whom the complexities of the fleeting mood uncurl onto the page like a leaf, a petal’—Hilary Mantel, New York Review of Books ‘Even in the context of contemporary Indian writing in English, much of which is outstanding, Chaudhuri is the best’—Eileen Battersby, Irish Times ‘Chaudhuri’s languorous, elliptical, beautiful prose is impressively impossible to put in any category at all’—Salman Rushdie

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Penguin Books India


20 Jan 2013


Hamish Hamilton



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