101 Myths and Realities @ the Office
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101 Myths and Realities @ the Office

Author: Utkarsh Rai

What do you need to do to be valued as an employee, and respected as a manager?

Every organization knows that human resources are its greatest asset. To really work well as a team, managers need to think like employees, and employees need to know what management really thinks.

But how?

This book presents 101 typical workplace situations, distinguishing Myth (perceived wisdom) from Reality (what actually happens on the ground) and describing the best approach to take in each scenario, both for managers and employees.

101 Myths and Realities @ the Office reveals the secrets that are key to optimizing your potential in the workplace.

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‘Utkarsh Rai has penned a particularly relevant book on personnel management which I would strongly recommend to every organization to use as a reference manual as they evolve new ways to manage talent and build organizational excellence.’—Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, CMD, Biocon 

‘A useful compilation of everyday situations we all go through in the work environment. . . The book consistently provides balanced perspectives/viewpoints of both sides. I hope this helps those early in their career from the unnecessary anguish they sometimes go through while evaluating themselves and every situation they are faced with.’ —Som Mittal, President, NASSCOM
‘[The book] beautifully captures the diverse myths prevalent at the office. Each myth is described in detail, along with the underlying reasons. . . This book is beneficial to both employees and managers. Together, they can bring positive changes to any organization.’—Nandan Nilekani

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