The Kashmiri Storyteller
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The Kashmiri Storyteller

Author: Ruskin Bond

As darkness falls outside, and the chill sets in, Javed Khan pulls at his hookah and begins his stories… When Kamal and his friends gather at Javed Khan’s Kashmiri shop at Landour bazaar, he enthralls them with his stories—of princes and kings, fairies and magical animals, supermen and cunning traders. Come, sit around the fire with Kamal, Shashi, Anil, Madhu and Vijay while they listen to Javed Khan’s stories of the monkey bride, the man who got swallowed by a mosquito, the bent-up double beggar who angered a ghost, and many other tales from Kashmir and beyond. In this brilliantly illustrated collection, Ruskin Bond brings alive unforgettable folktales from the misty hills of Kashmir that will delight and enchant his followers both young and old.

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